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Angelika Claussen

Angelika Claußen is a practicing physician in psychiatry and psychotherapy. She is a member of IPPNW since 1987 and has been a member of the German IPPNW Board of Directors since 1998, which she chairs since 2005. Dr. Claußen’s main fields of political activity are: phase-out of nuclear energy, the Iraq war and its effects and human rights policies in Turkey.

While preparing for the „Chernobyl Forum“ in Vienna from September 6 to 7 2005 on the effects of the meltdown, she grappled critically with the subject of the contract between IAEA and WHO. This ensures contractually that proponents of nuclear programmes and physicists working for IAEA receive all findings and publications resulting from research programmes by WHO physicians on the health effects of the civilian use of nuclear energy and nuclear accidents.  Angelika Claußen has coordinated the work of, and represented the German IPPNW in, the field of nuclear energy phase-out for many years.

During her trips to Iraq and following the last war there, she was able to get a personal impression of the effects of war, in particular of the massive rise on childhood cancer and severe childhood malformation that are believed by many experts to be the result of the use of uranium weapons.

Angelika Claußen works in a community practice for psychiatry and psychotherapy in Bielefeld. Connected to this work is her special area of interest - torture and traumatised refugees. She remains in contact with the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and the Medical Association there, and acts as a monitor of legal proceedings in Turkey.