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Linda Gunter

Linda Gunter founded Beyond Nuclear in July 2007. She is the international specialist at Beyond Nuclear as well as the director of media and development. Linda researches the French nuclear sector; human rights and the uranium fuel chain; and the nuclear power-nuclear weapons connection and serves as an organization spokesperson in these areas. She is the lead designer and author of the Beyond Nuclear publications and creates and produces short videos. She also manages the Beyond Nuclear website, Facebook and YouTube presence.

A former journalist, Linda also writes op-eds and occasionally blogs for the organization. She is a jury member for the internationally recognized Nuclear-Free Future Award.
Linda is fluent in Italian, near-fluent in French and conversant in Spanish (with a smattering of mainly culinary German). Prior to her environmental work she was a journalist for 20 years, writing for the London Times and Reuters and broadcasting on the USA and Prime television networks.
Originally from England, she has a BA Honours degree in English and Italian Literature from Warwick University where she spent more time at demonstrations than in the lecture hall, learning to become a good activist. She is married to Paul Gunter, director of the Reactor Oversight Project at Beyond Nuclear who kindly tolerates her compulsion to adopt animals. They live in Takoma Park, Maryland, with their two daughters, three cats and two dogs – so far.