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Jochen Stay

Jochen Stay has been a non-violent activist in the peace and anti-nuclear movement for more than thirty years. His special interest is in non-violent direct action. He is currently the Spokesperson for the anti-nuclear organisation .ausgestrahlt.

Born in 1965 in Mannheim, Stay was active during his school years in church youth work. He studied German and Politics. Since 1980 he has been active in NGO movements, in the 80s he was involved in Nicaragua and South African solidarity work, in the squatter’s movement and the peace movement. He worked for two years in the “Press Hut” in front of the Pershing nuclear base at Mutlangen and was also active in the resistance to the reprocessing plant at Wackersdorf.

From 1990 to 1995 Stay was the editor of the newspaper »Graswurzelrevolution - für eine gewaltfreie herrschaftslose Gesellschaft«. He has lived in Wendland since 1992 together with  Katja Tempel and his two daughters Johanna and Clara.

Stay has been the spokesperson for the anti-nuclear campaign »X-tausendmal quer« from 1996 to 2008, with some intervals, that organised protests against the Castor transports to Gorleben. He was responsible for Public Relations from 2001 to 2002 for the environmental organisation »Robin Wood« and helped to start the resistance campaign »resist« in 2003 against the Iraq war.

From 2002 to 2005 Stay was a member of the foundation council of the Bewegungsstiftung as the representative of supported projects. He then became the Bewegungsstiftung advisor for supported projects in 2005, a post he held till 2010 and since then continues on a freelance basis. He is active as an author, touring lecturer, organiser and activist in the anti-nuclear and peace movements. He was up in court several times for taking part in non-violent direct action and was convicted three times so far, the last time for liberating a field from genetically manipulated corn. He is described by intelligence services as a »central person in the anti-nuclear resistance movement, in a coordinating position.«

His main priority is currently the anti-nuclear organisation ».ausgestrahlt« that aims to attract as many new anti-nuclear protesters as possible and thereby increase the pressure for the closure of nuclear power plants. Stay was actively involved in almost all of the large anti-nuclear protests in recent years, for instance as initiator of the human chain from Brunsbüttel to Krümmel in April 2010, that 120,000 people took part in.