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Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. hc Günter Altner

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. hc Günter Altner is a theologian and biologist. Altner, who taught at the University of Koblenz-landau till 1999, has worked for more than a quarter of a century on basic ecological principles. Ascertaining environmentally-friendly perpectives in energy policy has been his particular field of interest. Keywords like „energy efficiency“, „energy conservation“ and „regenerative sources of energy“ have shaped his thinking on future energy policy.

Altner pursues his goals through dialogue not only with citizens and civil society groups but also with energy companies and in politics. His work aims for a future energy policy that should be low-risk, environmentally-friendly, economically viable and socially responsible, in order to be backed by the majority of society.

In the context of his teaching and research as a scientist, he continuously made connections between theology, science and social ethics. This interdisciplinary work was a major contribution to an increased ecological consciousness among his students.

Altner also played a role in the founding of the Ecological Institute in Freiburg in 1977. Due to his excellent scientific qualifications, his focus on dialogue and interdisciplinary approach, Altner is a popular expert at hearings on ethical, technological and environmental issues.