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Henrik Paulitz

Henrik Paulitz, born 1968, is responsible in the field of nuclear energy, energy policy, renewable energy and energy wars at IPPNW. Further to his degree in Biology he studied sociology and economics in Bielefeld. Paulitz has been politically engaged and active since 1979.

From 1989 to 1995 he fought for a decentralised, communal energy industry as an activist in the environmental organisation Robin Hood. His book „Managers of the Climate Crisis – Deutsche Bank and its Energy- and Transport Policy“ was published in 1994 after years of intense research, followed by his proposal for the future „Solar Network – New Paths for a Climate-Friendly Heat Economy“ in 1997.

In the past years the abandonment of nuclear power, questions regarding the security of nuclear power plants, the IPPNW-lawsuit on the shut-down of Biblis B, the decentralised energy transition and the production of infomaterial on energy policy have been his main focus.