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Sunday, 27. November 2022


Dear friends and activists,

Thirty years ago, on April 26th, 1986, the nuclear meltdown of Chernobyl put an end to the myth of „safe nuclear power“. Millions of people were directly affected by nuclear fallout. Many have died from the consequences of radioactive contamination and many more are still suffering today. Five years ago, on March 11th, 2011, it became clear that mankind had still not learned the lessons of Chernobyl, when multiple nuclear disasters occurred in Fukushima. Again, millions of people are affected.

These two nuclear catastrophes exemplify the enormous human suffering, the health effects which will occur across generations and the ecological destruction, caused by the nuclear chain over the last 70 years. From uranium mining to nuclear energy, nuclear weapons and ultimately nuclear waste, fallout and radioactively contaminated residue – every single part of the nuclear industry causes harm to human health and the environment.

In 2016, we commemorate the nuclear catastrophes of Chernobyl and Fukushima and renew our call for an immediate end to the use of nuclear energy. IPPNW will inform the public through an international congress what it means for people to live with the consequences of Chernobyl for 30 years – and Fukushima for 5 years.

From February 26th-28th 2016, at the Urania in Berlin, renowned scientists from Japan, the former Soviet Union, Germany, the United States, and all over the world will join committed activists and volunteers who have been working with the affected population in  contaminated regions for many years. Together, they will look at what lies ahead: learning from the catastrophic nuclear past means imagining a world free from nuclear threat – and making this vision reality.

We would be very glad if you joined us in Berlin.


Dr. Angelika Claussen
IPPNW Vice President for Europe

Dr. Alex Rosen
Deputy Chair IPPNW Germany

Dr. Dörte Siedentopf
IPPNW Germany, Nuclear Energy Working Group

Dr. Barbara Hövener
IPPNW Berlin Regional Group