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Dr. Keith Baverstock

"How the UN works: “know thine enemy” or at least who it is."

» presentation as pdf-file

Helen Caldicott

"The Medical and Political Implications of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle"

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» Video

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Dr. Ian Fairlie

"Health Effects from Chernobyl"

» presentation as pdf-file

Dr. rer. nat. Alfred Körblein

"Increased sex ratio in Bavaria: after Chernobyl and in the vicinity of NPPs - epidemiological findings"

» presentation as pdf-file

Prof. Angelina Nyagu

"Health of survivors in Ukraine in 25-years dynamics after the chernobyl castatrophe" 

» presentation as pdf-file

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake

"Health Effects by Uranium Mining and the German Experience"

» presentation as pdf-file

Doug Weir

"Uranium Weapons - post conflict lessons and the international response"

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Photos from the Congress