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25 Years After Chernobyl – 28 Days after Fukushima

The German affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War / Physicians for Social Responsibility, IPPNW Germany, are hosting the congress:

"Chernobyl: 25 Years After - Stop the Nuclear Timebomb – Abandon Nuclear Power Now!"

in cooperation with the Society for Radiation Protection, the Physicians of Chernobyl and the Scientists Initiative for Peace and Sustainability

from April 8th to 10th, 2011 in the Urania, Berlin.

The aftermath of the nuclear reactor catastrophe in Chernobyl and Fukushima, as well as the fates of people suffering from the nuclear contamination worldwide, are the focus of this international congress.

25 years after the Chernobyl disaster, our planet is currently witnessing yet another vast nuclear tragedy which underlines dramatically the risks of nuclear technology. Nuclear energy kills.

This is not confined to nuclear disaster, but applies to every single link of the nuclear chain. Before even one kilowatt of electricity is produced, people die as uranium mining destroys health and subsistence of whole communities. The day-to-day operation of nuclear power plants bears further risks. Children living in the vicinity of nuclear power plants develop leukaemia and other forms of cancer at a higher rate than children living further away. Safety deficits of nuclear power plants are ignored or tolerated.

Angelika Wilmen, press officer at IPPNW, states: "We never imagined that our demand for nuclear power to be abandoned as a consequence of the Chernobyl tragedy would be tragically reinforced by the current situation in Fukushima just at the time we were preparing for this congress."

Speakers at the congress will be, among others:

 - Prof. Alexei Yablokov, founder and president of the Centre for Environmental Policy in Russia

Dr. Valentina Smolnikowa, physician and former liquidator in Chernobyl
Dr. Helen Caldicott, paediatrician, founding President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA/Australia

Dr. Hagen Scherb, mathematician, Helmholtz Centre Munich, Germany

Further speakers and the conference programme can be found at www.chernobylcongress.org/programme.html

On April 8th, 2011 we invite you to our opening press conference with
Dr. Angelika Claußen (IPPNW), Prof. Alexei Yablokov and Dr. Valentina Smolnikowa:

11 a.m., Friday, April 8th, Berliner Pressekonferenz, Reichstagufer 14, 10117 Berlin.

This will be followed by an introduction of the Nuclear-Free Future Award at
1 p.m. in the Berliner Pressekonferenz: 
1 p.m., Friday, April 8th, Berliner Pressekonferenz, Reichstagufer 14, 10117

The award ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 10th in the Urania Berlin.

Please sign up here for press accreditation to the congress: